Our Mission

Power SCM was founded by a team of long-time eCommerce and logistics professionals who believe retailers should be able to trust their fulfillment partners as much as their in-house team.

Our collective industry knowledge, lets us provide customers with unmatched guidance and confidence as they set up a more efficient, scalable fulfillment infrastructure.

Power SCM customers  enjoy tailored solutions based on their particular business model—we support traditional retail, crowdfunding campaigns, subscription services, and offer sample services in order to meet the unique needs of each retailer.


Shipping Discounts

Shipping costs are the #1 reason for shopping cart abandonment. If you want to compete in the eCommerce space, you’re going to need to have the best shipping rates possible.

Customer Service 

When it comes to logistics, the reality is not if something happens, it’s when. There are instances out of our control, but we believe in timely and thorough support when it comes to servicing our accounts. All of our Happiness Engineers are located within our warehouses, so if something does happen they will spring out of their chair and ensure it’s taken care of.

Industry Leading Software

real-time platform offers visibility into every stage of fulfillment and integrates with today’s most popular eCommerce applications. Maintain control over and confidence in your operations and eliminate tedious work to create the best customer experience possible.