Order & inventory management software that makes your life easier. 

Simple, intuitive, yet extremely powerful.

Inventory Management 

Store, manage and track inventory in real-time, automatically updates inventory data providing a real-time snapshot of your products across every sales channel.

Easy To Use

Software solution is simple, intuitive, yet extremely powerful. We made it a priority to make the design and functionality as user-friendly as possible.

Order Data

Know exactly where orders are from the moment the customer clicks checkout all the way until it's delivered.

Vast Report

Run detailed reports on inventory, manufacturing runs, and SKU popularity, while the finance team can handle billing and monitor accounting data.

Order Management 

  • Track your orders from A to Z. Filter orders by status, search for specific orders
  • Quick timeline view of where your order is in the fulfillment process (e.g. when an order is picked, packed, or shipped)
  • Make changes to your orders post-purchase,
  • Automatically share tracking information with your customers.

Multi-channel integrations

With direct integrations with over 300+ third-party services including carts, fulfillment partners, CRMs and more. This gives you the flexibility to build paths between any of these services, completely customized for your unique needs.

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Inventory Management

  • Easy to view the status of inventory and quantity on hand across locations at any point in time.
  • Identify slow-moving inventory. Track expiration  dates and lot numbers.
  • Gain insights into the performance of units sold over time by channel.
  • proactively replenish inventory with reorder notifications,

Reporting And Analytics

To provide you with visibility into our operations and performance, and also hold ourselves accountable, Power SCM free analytics tool is packed with charts to help you with everything from year-end reporting, to better supply chain decision-making.

Data can be a competitive advantage, and our reports show an analysis of which fulfillment centers you should stock, days of inventory left before you run out, impact of promotions on stock levels, each shipping method’s average cart value, shipping cost, and days in transit, your fulfillment cost per order, storage cost per unit, and much more.

Software Features 


Create return labels and know when the items are received, so you can process refunds.

Order tracking

Know exactly where orders are from the moment the customer clicks checkout all the way until it's delivered.

Billing breakdown

Never question an invoice again with our transparent billing dashboard.

Data importing

Easily upload data from an Excel or CSV file.

Live Support

Consultation and support services from experienced logistic experts.

Inventory management

Proactively manage your SKU levels, so you know when to reorder from your suppliers.

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