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Power SCM a tech-enabled 3PL that fulfills ecommerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands. Our mission is to make you more successful online by providing best-in-class logistics so your customers don’t go elsewhere. With reliable fulfillment services, warehouses near your customers, and connected technology that powers our fulfillment network, we help improve transit times, shipping costs, and the delivery experience for your customers..


When you come on board with Power SCM, we’ll set you up with the integrations needed to get your order data from your platform. Our team of developers will do a complete analysis of your SKUs, running multiple tests to ensure the accuracy of data as it flows from your eCommerce channels to Power SCM order fulfillment software.


Power SCM manages and tracks inventory at our fully operated warehouses. Our receiving teams will verify incoming inventory while our platform automatically syncs inventory in real-time across multiple sales channels.


Power SCM real-time platform offers visibility into every stage of fulfillment and integrates with today’s most popular eCommerce applications. Maintain control over and confidence in your operations and eliminate tedious work to create the best customer experience possible. Manage all your order and inventory activity from your phone. We have done research and development for years to bring you user-friendly software to help you grow your business.

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Our Carrier partners help you take advantage of our partnerships with UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. Discounted Rates save you money on shipping costs by leveraging our volume.



We ship all over the world for our clients and help them take advantage of the global market.
With our amazing rates, you will save money per package to improve your profits.
Open up your business to the world.

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We pride ourselves on providing our clients with world-class customer service. Always there for you to help you with your order, inventory, tracking, and any other fulfillment needs. Each of our clients gets their own Account manager to help them day to day to succeed. Our account managers have been trained in everything in e-commerce Fulfillment.

Kitting &


If you want to sell subscription boxes, our warehouse kitting services can kit your boxes and ship them to your subscribers. Warehouse kitting allows you to create appealing gift sets for the holidays. Ship components from different manufacturers to our eCommerce fulfillment warehouse and we will do the light assembly needed before shipping. We can also add product labels and package inserts.

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